Thursday, January 29, 2015

the boys lately

Among many other things that have fallen to the wayside with this blog, I haven't posted pictures of my boys here in...more than two months. What? That doesn't mean that I haven't been taking pictures of them. Here are the best of the best from the DSLR thus far this winter. Enjoy.


What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. They're such happy boys :) Love the pics of them resting on the foam pieces.

  2. OMC - that third one is brilliant as are the b/ cats are the most photogenic, aren't they?

  3. I always enjoy seeing the pictures of the boys. They are adorable. In the picture of them in the kitchen, I swear they are up to no good. As if one is on the lookout while the other is ready to make his move!


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