Thursday, August 28, 2014

O is for Old World Wisconsin

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

Earlier this summer I made my second ever excursion to Old World Wisconsin. This time I got to take Jake, who had never been before, so that was neat. Enjoy.

If you want to see a few more glimpses of Old World Wisconsin, check out my posts from last summer's excursion here and here.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Sponsor Love

It's an end of the month instead of a mid-month sponsor love post this month! Please take a few minutes to check out these awesome blogs, shops, and products.

 Recently Edi added a fabulous new item to her shop: personalized wooden spoons. These spoons make fabulous gifts for weddings, showers, and house warming parties.

Angela of AngleAh
 I love the idea of using buttons to decorate candle holders.

Valerie of additionsstyle
 How neat is this simple leather choker? I always love the versatility of Valerie's jewelry.

Deb of storybeader
 I always learn something from Deb's Alphabe Thursday posts. This post about the National Register for Historic Places was no exception.

Tiffany of Ribbon Lane Supplies
 Of course these polka dots are so awesome. I don't have so say much else about this offering.

Kristen of Milo and Molly
 Kristen shared a few recipes that she made this month, including this mouth watering Chex Mix.

Paige of Little Nostalgia
 If you're getting the itch to buy some school supplies this time of year even though you're not actually going back to school, check out Paige's adult back to school supplies picks.

I hope that you found some useful resources here today!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

photo share: final summer wanderings

It's hard to believe that another summer is already winding down. It breaks my heart, but what can you do? I'm doing my best to enjoy as much of the amazing weather as I can while it's still here.

What have you been photographing lately? How are you enjoying the last weeks of summer?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Feature: late summer fashion

Today I've put together pieces that you can wear as you slowly make the transition from late summer to early fall fashion. I know that some people cling to those hot summer days as long as possible while other people can't wait for cooler weather. Hopefully some of these items appeal to both groups.

Striped Shell - Mint / White. When it's 80 and humid one day and 50 and breezy the next, it can be hard to know what style and colors to choose. This mint / white striped shell is perfect. The colors are light without screaming summer, and you can wear it as is or layer it as needed.

Limited Lexie Flare Pants. You can't go wrong with neutral pants in a classic cut. I went for flare because I only wear skinny jeans with boots, but of course you can change the style up if you want.

Linen Blend Motorcycle Jacket - Canvas. A linen jacket provides warmth and shape so that you still look stylish without freezing when the temperature dips at night or you're out at a cold restaurant or movie theater.

Dooney & Bourke East / West Zip Sac. This little purse is in a slightly unusual color but has a versatile design that takes you anywhere. It's a great everyday bag or something that you can reserve for special occasions when you want something different. I think that this color is so fabulous for late summer / early fall.

Metallic Pewter Tieks. Who else is lusting after Tieks right now? One day these shoes will be mine...but for now I'm admiring them in this little collection. Flats are great for that in between flip flops and boots period, and metallic neutral dresses up or down with ease.

Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester. I've also been lusting after Daniel Wellington watches lately. Instagram is a dangerous place. I'm extremely picky about watches and think that there is actually a better variety among men's styles than women's styles. However, I love the simplicity of Daniel Wellington watches, and the navy / pink combination in this design kills me. Again, so perfect for this season.

Tiffany Twist Heart Pendant. I'm a sucker for a simple heart necklace. I'm sure that some of you are rolling your eyes at this overrated choice, but heart necklaces are always an easy choice for me when I put together an outfit. Of course this Tiffany pick is amazing, but you can find something equally great for much less if you do love this look.

What clothing and accessories do you like to wear during the summer to fall transition?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

N is for Never Gets Old

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

This week I'm sharing one of the views that never gets old for me: Lake Michigan. Surprise, right? Last round I shared a different favorite view, but somehow Lake Michigan always seems to sneak into the alphabet. Back in January during the last round of L, I was sharing winter lake pictures, and I know that no one wants to see those shots right now, including me. These are just a few of my favorite Lake Michigan shots from this spring and summer. Enjoy.




And most recently, Lake Michigan the night before the August 2014 supermoon.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pinterest picks

I don't share my Pinterest picks very often these days, but sometimes I get inspired to post about a few of my recent favorites here. Apparently I've spent a lot of time looking at food and photography lately. Surprise, right? Enjoy.

 As part of my ongoing breakfast food kick, I really enjoy breakfast sandwiches. Usually I keep it simple with bacon and scrambled eggs, but this bacon and egg grilled cheese takes the concept to a new level.

And on a similar note, omelet scones. Just in case two already awesome foods couldn't get any more awesome.

I found this pasta vegetable recipe through one of Paige's Pinterest picks posts earlier this month. Does it get much better than pasta and fresh vegetables in a single pot?

Any time I see a sandwich or burger on a menu that comes on pretzel bread / a pretzel bun, I pretty much have to order it because pretzel breads are the best. Putting that concept with cinnamon rolls...there really are no words.

Because sepia photography is so underrated.

If you haven't watched this little video series by Alisa Burke yet, please set aside an hour this week and watch all of it. I really need to re-watch sections of it about every week.

It seems like there about a zillion amazing totally creative ideas for photos out there, most of which I've never made but really want to make. This initial art just made the list.

In case reading about food and making food isn't weird enough, you can read about photographing food. I don't even photograph a lot of food, and I find this sort of topic really fascinating.

What have you been pinning lately?
Feel free to share links in the comments!