Tuesday, December 31, 2013

photo outtakes

Happy New Year's Eve!

I'm ending the month (and the year!) with a final round of 2013 photo outtakes. This will continue to be a regular feature in 2014. I think that it's really important to discuss the fact that I take a ton of photos to get a few gems. Also, while I keep improving my skills, I still make a lot of mistakes.

Auto focus fail. Inevitably I get at least a couple of these shots during any shoot.

The bokeh effect is way too busy.

I thought it would be neat to focus on the wood detail, but it didn't work very well.

I have a lot of Christmas tree shots from this month that look like this one.

Shooting in low light is still not one of my better skills, even with the 50mm.

I set up my 50mm in manual focus at the right spot so Jen could take a picture of me and Jake without any stress. The picture of us turned out great. My photos of her and her husband are a big blurry mess. Ridiculous.

I was actually able to do a lot with this shot post-process to pull the chandelier out of the shadows, which illustrates the power of RAW and Lightroom, but the original shot is rough.

Sideways hearts.

Bethany's brother and his fiance left in the dark.

The light level for the majority of my brother's wedding photos is pretty decent, but every once in a while I got one that looks like this one. It's so weird how that happens.

Don't be afraid to share your outtakes every once in a while! It makes everyone feel better.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

photo share: Thanksgiving dinner

My brother and his now wife decided to have their rehearsal dinner on Thanksgiving (the day before the wedding) for all of the family that was in town. There were 30 people in attendance, and my parents, husband, and I made the entire dinner. This is undoubtedly one of the largest dinners any of us will prepare any time in the foreseeable future, but everything came together really nicely. Somehow I was able to get some pictures of it, too. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready to start your weekend with an amazing round up of kitty photos?

Usually the cats could care less about socks, but Ares viciously attacked this pair as soon as I took them off.

Apollo living the dangerous life.

Enjoying The Princess Bride.

Apollo gets super needy when I'm getting ready to go somewhere in the morning (as opposed to working at home). I actually wasn't going anywhere right away that day, so I'm not sure why he was so clingy.

Ear folded over. Priceless.

I have no idea how or why the cats put the S up on the Styrofoam like that.

The ever popular laundry basket.

Jake and I got an exercise bike as an early Christmas present to ourselves. It will take us weeks to get as much exercise with it as the boys have already gotten with the box and packaging.

Note the Styrofoam on the nose.

Ares was acting like a little kid while I was making dinner one night so I picked him up and let him watch me cook. He loved it.

Enjoying some kitty TV on YouTube. Do you see the squirrel?

Ares looking just like a little person with his mouth open and a magazine open next to him.

Ares having an early morning pillow fight with one of the pillows after I made the bed.

What have your cats been up to lately?