Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a late holiday craft fair wrap up

Normally I write a holiday craft fair update post in you know...November. Not late January. This year I made sure to promote my shows on Facebook and Instagram, but I totally dropped the ball on posting pictures of my booth and writing about how shows were going. Now that all of the holiday craziness is over, I've finally gone through the few pictures that I did take during the 2014 holiday shows. I'm sharing them here today for any and all who are interested. Enjoy.


How were your 2014 holiday shows?


  1. What wonderful art pieces and crafts, genius ideas and most of it would be useful all year round!

  2. Your booth looks great and so does Steve's. The booth with paintings is cool too.
    Cute new ornaments. And of course I love your Iowa tee :)

  3. Like Edi, John and I noticed your Iowa tee. :-) it's nice when you have enough space to shape your tables in a "U," isn't it? My shows usually allow only for a shallow "U" or 2 side by side tables, as one of your photos shows. Still, you have things nicely and colorfully arranged. I hope all of your shows went well. By the way, I did not do a craft show wrap-up until January, either. As you said, there was a lot of craziness during the 4th quarter of last year.

  4. You're very tallented! I like buttons too and I'm using my collection of buttons in every design forms.
    See You soon:)

  5. i've forgotten link: www.natdesgn.blogspot.com

  6. Wonderful pictures! Colorful displays, I'd buy from you! :)


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