Tuesday, May 31, 2011

giveaways galore

Normally I don't post a lot of giveaways here, but there have been several I've come across lately that I thought were worth sharing.  Check them out!

Amy of PonderandStitch is giving away one of her cuffs on her blog.  Click here for the giveaway information.  There are three that you can choose from.  I love Amy's work.  If I won, I would have to go with the cuff above, but it would be a tough choice.  Amy has a wonderful blog, too.  If you're not already following it, I highly urge you to do so.  Giveaway deadline: June 6.

Nancy of nfall2rt is giving away one of her coin pursues on the a little etsy love blog.  Click here for the giveaway information.  Nancy is also an awesome Etsy seller and wonderful blogger.  Go check out her blog if you haven't already.  Giveaway deadline: June 1 7AM EST.

Jennifer of craftygoodness.net is giving away a pair of her earrings in honor of warmer weather finally rolling in most places in the US.  Click here for the giveaway information.  Jennifer sells gorgeous lamp work beads and handmade jewelry.  You can check out her shop here.  Giveaway deadline: June 3 11PM EST.

Monday, May 30, 2011

June EBW Challenge piece: Building Together

When I read that the June EBW Challenge was going to be Heal the World and should center around a world problem of some sort, the first thing I thought of was house building.  I'm sure that seems a little random.  I didn't have any immediate inspiration for any in the small handful of causes that I am truly passionate about that would carry over into an art piece.  But I had the opportunity to participate in three mission trips during high school to rural Kentucky to build houses.  Those experiences have  stuck with me.  It made me truly appreciate the construction process as well as what one person's effort in a project like that can make.  The organization we worked with is no longer around, but it was something like Habitat for Humanity, only much more localized.  My dad now works for Habitat and I had an idea for a piece so I went with it.

Like a few of my other challenge pieces, the final result is not what I originally intended.  I got the idea early on for the three separate beadwoven components with the same single color running through each one.  My thought process behind this was that each person who plays a part in the building process has a different role, but they are all there for the same purpose.  I was going to have the three strands lined up next to each other, but that didn't work well.  I thought about twisting them, but the closure method I had in mind didn't allow for that very well either.  On a whim, I braided them and it worked wonderfully, both mechanically and with the idea behind this piece.

The house charms are something that I had left over from Angels in the Architecture.  It seemed only fitting to include a couple of them.  There isn't any significance to the color theme, at least none that ties directly to this particular piece.  I'm always struggling to stock a sufficient supply of size 6 Czech beads.  They aren't easy to come by, and I use a fair number of them in my work.  It shouldn't be surprising that when I do stock up, I end up with a lot of green, blue, and purple.  I played around with a bunch of different color combinations for each strand until I found exactly what I wanted.

Unlike many of beadwoven pieces which are not adjustable, the closure on this piece allows for this bracelet to be adjusted up or down for just about any wrist size.  I added enough links so that I could fasten it on myself easily , but it can go down for a tighter fit on a small wrist or up as high as you like.

I'm not planning to make more of these braids in the near future, mostly because of the final cost of the piece.  I have plenty of higher end inventory in my shop and am mostly adding $20-$30 pieces, which are what sell the best.  It really doesn't have anything to do with not enjoying the process of this piece because I did.  I'm sure that most of you already know how much I love right angle weave.  Putting together each section was fun, and it was neat to see how it all came together.

I think that you have to see how it looks on to really appreciate the full effect of the braid.  This bracelet is available here.  I'm donating 15% of the proceeds from it to Habitat.  As always, if you'd like a different length braid or different color combination, let me know.  Voting will be on the EBW blog June 9-15.  I'll post more details about that when it gets closer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

treasury round up

Thank you as always to the wonderful Etsians who include my work in their treasuries!  There are several new ones this week.

Cathy (DanglersBeads) included my Beaded Bangle Bracelet - Dreaming of Hawaii in her Somewhere Over the Rainbow treasury.  Thanks Cathy!

Connie (AsteropeBC) included my Square Stitch Cuff Bracelet - Embellished - Summer in her Spicy Hot Beadweaver Summer treasury.  I am honored to be included in this stunning beadwoven selection of items.  Thanks Connie!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Link List

Here's this week's edition of my Saturday Link List.  Enjoy!

This is a really inspiring post for anyone who sells on Etsy and struggles with fitting in all of their marketing/promotion tasks online every day.

I would definitely use this in my classroom.  I may make something like this for a couple of our basement storage areas in our new house, too.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday feature: wedding season

I had so much fun putting together my wedding gifts hub earlier this month that I decided to do a wedding feature here.  Even with the recent trend for fall weddings, there are still tons of May and June weddings.  And people going to those weddings are bringing presents!  Here are just a few awesome wedding present possibilities from Etsy.  I went with a turquoise theme.  Enjoy!

(Unfortunately this first shop is on vacation right now, but this bowl was too awesome to leave out.)
Chip Dip Platter Bowl Handmade Pottery Kitchen Stoneware by SharsArtPottery

Contemporary Art Print HAPPY TOGETHER 12x12 Turquoise Yellow White Cafe Mount by catalyst54

Fused Glass Coaster 4 - Turquoise Dream by teresadahmen

Hawaiian Dreams - 14 x 14 Inch Pillow Covers by SweetpeaPillows

Turquoise Bandana Cocktail Napkins (set of 4) by ShastaCreations

Caribbean Blue - Landscape Beach Travel Photograph Print - (8x12) - Turquoise - dreamt elitett by AmeliaKayPhotography

SALE Hawaiian Breeze Soy Tea Lights - Set of 6 by ClassyChicBoutique

Thursday, May 26, 2011

at long last, a third bargello ribbon cuff

I honestly don't even remember when I finished this.  It was at least a couple months ago.  But now it's available on Etsy right here!

I didn't include this last picture in the listing, but I thought that it would be fun to post it here.

When I first made these earrings, I knew that I had to make something else with this color combination.  It took me more than a year of starring at those beads on my "to do" beading tray to finally do it, but I'm so glad that I did.  I still love this color combination.  I think that it works perfectly with Carol's bargello ribbon pattern.  If you'd like this pattern for yourself, it's available here.  There's a commercial pattern as well if you're interested in selling your ribbon cuffs.

I've slowed down on delica peyote cuffs lately.  I don't have any specific plans for more bargello ribbon cuffs at this point.  This pattern is so much fun, though.  This is the third ribbon cuff I've made, and I'm in no way tired of it yet.  I'm sure that I will revisit it again sometime in the future.  For now, if there are any other bargello color combinations that you'd like to see, let me know.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

orange treasury and custom earrings in progress

Mouna (beadsofaquarius) included my Square Stitch Cuff Bracelet - Embellished - Summer in her Orange Mecanique treasury.  This collection is so elegant!  And I love that it's orange.  Not many people would strive for orange elegance.  But it really works here.  Thanks Mouna!

I got the periwinkle beads that I needed for my custom earrings to match this bracelet so I set to work on that last night.

I should have pictures of the finished earrings up within the next week.  I also finished my June EBW Challenge piece and am planning on listing it within the week.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sneak peak of Working Together

I had no intention of entering the June EBW Challenge, but an idea came to me within the week after it was announced so I'm going for it.  I absolutely have to get it done during this lull while I wait for my beads for custom orders or it won't happen.  So I put a lot of work in this weekend.

It'll have three strands like this, each with the dark blue running through it.  Originally I was going to have them lay next to each other, but now I think that I'll end up twisting them.

I also got the second strand done over the weekend.  Here are some of the beads for it before I started.

The last strand will be light blue.  That's all I'm leaving you with for now.  I'll have more details about the theme for the piece and why I choose it when I finish.

I published a new crafty hub this weekend: Craft Fairs: What to Bring and Display Considerations.  Please check it out if you haven't already.  As always, if you've missed any past crafty hubs, they're all linked on the side of my blog.

Monday, May 23, 2011

some final green for spring and a custom order

As you know, I've gone a little crazy with green lately.  I had to list one more green item this spring.

It's available here.  I sold my original green button charm bracelet last summer and honestly can't believe that it took me this long to make another one.  I'm really happy with the way all of my newest button charm bracelets have turned out this spring.  I know that you're probably tired of hearing about how much I like the tiny buttons and beads on them, but I am still enjoying that.

I have purple and black/white coming up in the next month.  I still have a couple green mixes to make into bracelets as well.  As always, let me know if there's anything else that you'd like to see.

My most recent customer orders have been going slowly because I've had to wait for new supplies.  It's tough waiting for new goodies!  I'm still waiting for some more leaves to make a new modern leafy bracelet (with a few color changes) and a pair of custom earrings to match this bracelet.  But I got one new leafy bracelet done this past weekend.

I should mention that the blue round focal beads are from alishawhite.  Normally I order lamp work from blueseraphim's shop, but she didn't have exactly what I wanted and Alisha did so I decided to order from her.  Very pleased!   The beads are great, as was everything else about the ordering process.  I'll be using some more of her rounds in the custom modern leafy bracelet, too.

This is longer than most of my bracelets.  I added an extra loop so the buyer will have some flexibility with the length.  The only downside with this piece is that I didn't have enough dark blue beads left over to make another one.  I would still like to make a lighter turquoise one sometime as well, but I don't have enough beads for that at this point either.  The leaf collecting continues!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

another great treasury week

I'm truly honored that my work continues to be included in so many gorgeous treasuries!  Angela (AngelaDesign) included my Square Stitch Cuff Bracelet - Embellished - Summer in her Summer Colors treasury.  Thanks Angela!

 Chris Maj (beadn4fun) included my Square Stitch Cuff Bracelet - Embellished - Summer in her Red, Orange, Pink treasury.  What a fun color combination with summer around the corner!

She also included my Beaded Bracelet - Silver Links - Celestial in her Ethereal Kittens treasury.  I love that I'm in a treasury with one of Marjji's kitties!

Her shop is empty right now.  Otherwise I would post something of her's here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Link List

I'm starting a new feature on this blog today.  Since I signed up for Stumbleupon, I've been bookmarking all sorts of favorite links there so I give my followers something besides my new Etsy listings and HubPages.  I thought it would be fun to share some of them here every week.  I'll be including 5 links every week with at least 1 recipe, 1 tutorial, and 1 Etsy seller resource.  It will be crafty/DIY related, which I believe should include recipes.  I hope that these links will be useful and/or fun for everyone and will give you some awesome new web sites to follow.  Enjoy the first edition!