Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kenosha's Southport Park

A couple weekends ago I was down in Kenosha, truthfully primary to go shopping at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, home of my favorite LOFT Outlet in the world. While I was down that way, I checked out the new to me Southport Park. It's further south than I usually venture, even when I'm as far south as Kenosha. While it's nothing special, it's always neat to check out a new corner of the world.

Where have you been exploring lately?


  1. Oh yes, no matter where we find ourselves, there's always something worth seeing! Great photos.

  2. Yeah, Kenosha is basically in Illinois. I don't think I've ever stopped there, but now that you mention a great outlet mall I might have to check it out.

  3. The Great Lakes never fail to blow my mind! I've only ever seen them while in a city and not at a park, so all the beaches you photograph are so cool to me. I agree that checking out new places is fun - I made a couple mile side trip while driving from Charleston to Orlando on Monday to photograph a new spot!


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