Thursday, April 9, 2015

the waterfalls at Whitnall Park

After months of limited outdoor photo taking excursions, the warm weather has been inspiring me to get out more again. This past week I took my tripod with me for the first time since the fall and revisited the beautiful Whitnall Park with a friend.

What have you been photographing lately?


  1. We've had a cold spell again, so no going out just yet :) Beautiful waterfall photos!

  2. This is not only great photos... it is so artistic, just took my breath away!!! xx, L.

  3. These all have such a dreamy effect! Amazing work!

  4. So beautiful! I am looking forward to doing more long exposure soon after having fun at the beach last night!
    I really like the swirling you can see in the water in some of the photos. It's really cool how long exposure pictures can reveal so much about a scene.

  5. Beautiful images! I love the sights and sounds of water tumbling over rocks, or lapping up against a shore.


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