Tuesday, January 6, 2009

back to work, sale, handbag giveaway, new listings

I had to go back to work yesterday so I will be posting a little less frequently pretty much until the summer haha. I never look forward to going back, but it'll be all right. I counted up my Christmas break pieces yesterday, and I officially made 25 pieces during the break. I also did a ton of promoting. Hopefully it will pay off!

I sold another blue button charm bracelet to my friend Becky yesterday. She was having trouble settling on an item from my shop so I went ahead and made another blue bracelet, listed it as reserved, and she bought it right away. Now I need to make another one to list. Out of the 5 items I've sold on Etsy, 2 of them have been that bracelet so I think it's worth making again.

There is a fabulous handbag giveaway going on right now on designsbyvanessa's blog. The bag really is awesome. I highly recommend going over there and entering the giveaway. There are several ways to get multiple entries, including blogging about the giveaway so feel free to continue the posting yourselves.

I've listed several new items the past few days. I'm waiting until a month before Valentine's Day to post my new holiday items, but I did post one pink one today. :)

Another lampworked beads piece:

This is the first piece that I've listed like this:

Here's my pink piece:

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