Sunday, January 11, 2009

This weekend I met Justin Vining in one of the chat rooms on Etsy. He's in law school right now at Valparaiso University, which is where I went for undergrad. I'm always excited to meet fellow Valpo people, especially now that I live in Iowa where hardly anyone has even heard of the school. He's a painter. This is my favorite item in his shop right now:

He also had a Facebook Page for his shop like I do. Please go check it out by CLICKING HERE .

I was looking around the Valpo page for a bit after I posted the link. I was excited to discover that their new union is up and running. I knew that it had been in the works for a while, but only follow Valpo news so closely. The union looks beautiful. I don't get back to Valpo very much, but hopefully I'll have a chance to see the campus again at some point.

I've listed a couple new items this weekend.


  1. That painting is fantastic, I love it! And I love how you've displayed your jewellery on music paper :)


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