Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100 listings, the next two Hawkeye bracelets, and the EBW challenges

I am now at 100 listings on Etsy! These two Hawkeye bracelets are the last two I needed to get me into the triple digits.

I was hoping to hit 100 hearts at about the same time as 100 listings. I'm not quite there yet, but I just hit 90 yesterday, which is still very cool.

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for my Dreaming of Hawaii bangle in the Jan./Feb. Etsy Beadweavers Challenge! Congratulations to BeadCatcher who won with her Tropical Treasures necklace. Gorgeous!

The March challenge is Temptation. I already started working on my piece. Think: chocolate. :)


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  2. congratulations on making 100 items on etsy. i still have a ways to go. it's a lot of work, especially the listing part. so, good luck on hitting 100 hearts. i bet it'll happen soon.

  3. Thanks! I know that you'll get there, too. :) I got another heart today - getting closer!

  4. Wow. 100 listings? I can't imagine... I'd love to get there SOON, as a result of many, many sales. ;)

    I like the second bracelet best. Beautiful!

  5. I'm sure that you'll get there, too!

    Thanks! :)


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