Sunday, February 22, 2009

sale and new listings

The new avatar is now up and running! Thanks again Taliana!

My friend Lindsay (who first introduced me to Etsy over the summer) bought 2 bracelets today - a blue button charm bracelet and two-button explosion charm bracelet. I made her one very similar to this button bracelet back in the fall as a thank you present for not only introducing me to Etsy but being part of my inspiration to open my shop there. I'm really glad that she liked it so much that she wanted more! I will see her Tuesday and will give her the bracelets and get her payment then. I will definitely be making another blue button charm bracelet, seeing as how it's proved again to be my most popular item. I will probably make another two-button explosion at some point, too.

All of creative energy is going into finishing my temptation piece as the deadline is quickly approaching (March 5). These are the last new listings that you're going to see from me until temptation is done:

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