Friday, June 5, 2009

couple fun things from Art Beads

Art Beads is sponsoring the Use the Muse II contest. The contest was created by Scarlett Lanson who has won some prestigious contests herself including 2009 KGI Worldwide Design Contest and fourth place in the Swarovski "Create Your Style" competition. Her goal for the contest was to create a competition for all types of beaders that has a shortened timeline and a big payoff. For this contest, everyone receives the same assortment of components including beads, crystals, pearls, silk, and seed beads plus a mystery component that must be kept secret until the "big reveal." Then everyone will see what the muse is and all of the photos of the entries for the contest.

The cost for the entry kit is $30 plus $5 shipping (US), $10 shipping (international). There are a limited number of kits and they will likely be gone before the order deadline of June 27. The entry deadline is June 18. Scarlett is holding a weekly giveaway for bloggers who help promote the contest. You can see information about that here: . You can also go here to find out what happened in the first contest: .

Also, for those of you on Twitter: Art Beads has a new Tweet Your Prize giveaway. Enter this giveaway for Twitter followers of Art Beads to win a beautiful handmade Taina Hartman Pendant.

Have fun and good luck everyone! :)


  1. The contest sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the info on it!

  2. This sounds like it would be so fun to participate in!

    I know I would get the beads and have thousands of ideas, until I changed my mind several times :)


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