Tuesday, June 2, 2009

remakes, leafy satisfaction

I made new versions of two of my designs. I have listed them as "made to order" for the last couple weeks, but they are both bracelets that I've sold/given (as presents) multiples of so I want to have them on hand for in person viewing as well. I also wanted to have some new, better pictures because my ability to photograph jewelry (and edit pictures of jewelry) has improved significantly since I made the original bracelets.

This one is identical to the original.

This one is a slightly different shade of purple, as exact shade I used previously wasn't available any more.

I remade my leaf bracelet again over the weekend. I know that I said that the third time would be the charm...but then I dropped it at work and one of the large glass leaves broke. I really wasn't going to be happy with the leaf missing so I took it apart and made it again with my one remaining large clear glass leaf. I am now very satisfied with how my bracelet fits and am 99% confident that the design will hold. I will also be more carefully about how I hold it when I'm not wearing it. So I finally went ahead and made another leaf bracelet last night. It's very similar to my original and will be listed as soon as I get it photographed. I have a few other newly finished pieces to photograph and list as well. :)


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