Wednesday, December 5, 2012

article ideas for the winter

I have put out a couple call to actions now for seasonal HubPages articles and gotten so many great ideas that I'm requesting a little help again. Some of you may remember that I put out my first call to action this summer right after I got accepted into the Apprenticeship Program. It was tremendously helpful to feedback on my new ideas and to get some new one in the mix as I was planning 8+ article titles for 6 months straight.

I also put out a fall call to action in August. I actually ended up with way more ideas than I ended up using, which is a good problem!  Thanks to many of your suggestions, I put together the following seasonal topics the past few months.

In the fall, I specifically requested lots of food and recipe ideas. I feel like I've already tapped a lot of cold weather recipes the past few month. Of course I'm always open to new suggestions, but I'm looking for other winter ideas as well. They can be related to a holiday (Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, etc.), but this is not a requirement. General ideas for crafts, fashion, food, teaching, etc. are also much appreciated. 

What do you want to see? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


  1. Hmn...this is kind of specific, but the art teacher in me is prompting me to say, what about Winter crafts for kids?? You know...stuck at home on a snow day with your kids and how to occupy them! (Or, that's a topic on it's own!)

  2. I'm thinking of cooking a vegetarian Christmas dinner this year. I am browsing the net as well as magazines for menus. I know there are lots of veggie recipes but not many menu suggestions. I'm sure other people might be interested too?

  3. Okay, it's cold and raining here and the crockpot of wonderfulness with that loaf of bread is just want I want. Yummy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I struggle with ideas too! I am encouraged by how many ideas you came up with for Fall! I need to think a bit more, if I have an idea, I will email you.

  5. What about articles recommending places to go in a certain cities; maybe restaurants or museums. Or maybe great walking or cycling routes.

    I'll have to think of some more... {:-D

  6. Well everyone is always trying to find things to do with the kids when it's snowing so winter activities inside and out. Maybe bringing back family game night with suggestions for what games are the best. Lastly I think winter is the best time to learn something new since you've got so much extra time. With that being said something in regards to learning a new craft

  7. I've been working Valentine's day things already. Those are some good winter crafts! How about some quick and easy things kids can make to pass out at school parties?

  8. I like the Snow Day activities suggestion. Indoor fun.

  9. Your fall articles are great!
    Here are a few I thought of for winter:
    *Home improvement ideas you can have done in a weekend
    *How to be prepared for a power outage
    *Things to build with snow beyond snowmen...castles, forts, animals, etc.
    Hope some of these help :)

  10. Simple ideas to stay relaxed during the holidays, and on cold days when you just want to stay inside.
    Good luck with all your writing this winter.
    Everyday Inspired


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