Thursday, July 17, 2014

I is for I'm Not a Pilot

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

If you've been following this blog the past couple years, you've probably already heard me talk about this local band I'm Not a Pilot that kind of became one of my favorite bands overnight a year and a half ago. If you haven't already checked out the website, get over there and listen to some of their music. You can listen via their YouTube channel. Today I'm sharing photos from their performances at Chill on the Hill and Summerfest this summer.


Select members of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra performed with them at Summerfest.

You can also see just a few of the photos that I took of I'm Not a Pilot last summer here and here.

Check out what the other Alphabe Thursday participants posted for the letter I this week right here!


  1. Wonderful series of photos! I will definitely check out their music.

  2. You should be their official photographer! Great photos Rose!

  3. Great shots!
    I follow their Youtube now, thanks for the intro!

  4. What cool photos! I love that the kids were able to be part of the Summerfest performance!

  5. looks like an interesting group of strings! {:-D

  6. So fun to watch live music, especially the young talent. Great pictures.

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  8. I love their sound!

    I agree with Judie! You should be their official photographer! You really captured some intensely interesting shots!

    Thanks for linking for the letter I.



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