Tuesday, July 8, 2014

my helpers

Today I'm sharing a little peak at my jewelry making helpers and a couple of the pieces that they've been helping me with lately.

I often end up moving everything out of the way so that this can happen.
Among other things, I've had this rainbow meets neutral idea in my head for a while, and it's been a lot of fun finally putting it together.

These pieces are part of the same line as this bracelet.

While I've been working with the rainbow mix, I've restocked my best selling rainbow button charm bracelet and earrings. Get them while you can because they don't stick around in the shop for long.

I know that I'm not the only jewelry maker who has some little helpers. Feel free to share your stories and/or links to your helper photos in the comments!


  1. Cute helpers! I love the button jewelry. I predict your new wooden buttons line will do well.

  2. Oliver looks like he would like to help on many occasions. His follow-through is not so well developed. case in point--I was working on upholstering a chair last night and Oliver was messing with the fabric. I suppose he was unable to figure out how to drape it. In any case, he moved away when I approached.
    I like your new combination! I always like your rainbow danglies!

  3. The rainbow and neutral button jewelry looks awesome! It must be fun having such cute helpers around :)

  4. Such adorable helpers :)
    I love the wood mixed with the bright rainbow colors!

  5. I was just commenting on how I love the combination of wood and white or black in the post above. It looks great with the beads too. I'm not sure if the wood compliments the right color, if it's the other way around, but it really works!

    And your guys are too darn cute!!!

    1. That is bright color, not right color.

  6. My cats would have a field day with those beads and buttons for sure! Lovely creations though :)


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