Saturday, November 22, 2008

I finally got the boutique consignment agreement in the mail at the very end of this week. I have business cards and jewelry tags now, and I put together a flier about myself. I'm just finishing up the pieces I'm going to send. I'm sending five - a button bracelet, a button charm bracelet, a right angle bangle, another right angle weave piece, and a peyote cuff. My goal is to have everything ready to send before Thanksgiving so I can get it in the mail before we head out of town for the holiday.

I finished Sarah's button necklace. She's waiting until her next pay check to purchase it. In the mean time, if anyone else is interested in a necklace, I'm happy to take more custom requests. I will most likely relist the item as such after she does purchase it.

I received my pendant from yjja123 this week. It is gorgeous! I strung it on a silver chain. I took a picture of myself wearing it a few days ago. I'm going to do a big picture upload later this weekend and will post it after that.

I'm featuring my button charm bracelets in this post:

And I'm posting two pictures of my newest button charm bracelet posting - a Christmas one:

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