Monday, May 4, 2009

April Top Droppers, non-Etsy sales

Thank you as always to those of you who drop on my blog regularly, especially those of you who have continued to do so over the last week or so even though I've been dropping infrequently due to being out of town. Your support means so much to me!

This has been another month with a lot of flux in the Top 10. Here's the current line up:
1) Silver Sachet
2) my review
3) BeadedTail
4) My Gypsygoods
5) A Rose By Name
6) Split Rock Ranch
7) Betty Mae Artistry
8) Zero
9) Unique You
10) I Learn Online Marketing

Even without any more traveling for a couple more weeks, things are still more crazy than usual with the end of the school year in sight. I did get my leafy spring bracelet remade for the third time. It certainly is more sturdy than the first two versions. Hopefully it will hold and I can finally start making some other variations of it!

When I was back in Chicago this past weekend, I brought my jewelry with me to my mom's sewing group at their request. I ended up selling six pieces and getting an order from one woman for five more! I'm hoping to get the order put together before I head back that way over Memorial Day weekend so I can deliver it in person then.

The five pieces that I'll be making for her are variations or duplicates of pre-existing designs so new listings will continue to be limited over the next couple weeks. I am VERY excited for all this business, though, and will continue to jot down new ideas as they come to me, as summer is quickly approaching which means lots more time for jewelry making. :)

Finally, check out some awesomeness from the Top Droppers who are also Etsy sellers:
Green Jewel Tone Bead Bracelet by Silver Sachet

Panther Silver Necklace by BeadedTail

Elemental Summer Cuff by arosebyname

Save Our Soap eco bags by gypsygoods

Peaches and Cream -bead woven necklace by beaderjojo

(this is actually on ArtFire...Betty Mae isn't selling anything on Etsy right now) Marionberry Spiral C by bmae514


  1. Heya, chickie...I've tagged ya! got to my blog to see what to do if you want to play! Hope things are going well your way!

  2. Hey thanks for including me!

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for featuring one of my handmade items and for the linky-love :) What a wonderful surprise. I love stopping by your blog daily and your etsy shop is great!

    Thanks again!


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