Friday, August 21, 2009

congrats and recent happenings

Congratulations to StudioAnnieVeillette who won the August EBW Challenge First Ladies of Style with her Royal Blue - Marie-Antoinette piece! I know that everyone probably gets tired of me saying this but all of the entries were gorgeous as always. The September entries are already coming in and have not disappointed yet. I haven't started mine yet, but hopefully I will get that done in time for the challenge.

I also encourage everyone to check out the winners of Use the Muse II. Use the Muse III is already underway. Information about that can be found on the same site if anyone is interested in entering.

I realized that I actually sold 16 pieces over my vacation if you count the piece that my grandma bought. I hadn't thought about that because I completed it sometime last month and actually never posted a picture of the larger version here until now.

I got a custom order this week from my co-worker who bought my turquoise leafy bracelet last month. Apparently her niece loves it and would like a green version. I am excited to use the large green leaves I have that match the large turquoise ones in Cindy's bracelet. I'm also just really happy that my leafy bracelets are continuing to do so well!

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