Monday, August 24, 2009

new listings, looking for digital camera advice

I listed the last two pieces from this summer over the weekend.

I did one remake of an existing design this week after I'd reworked the original for one of my summer orders. I took pictures, but I haven't edited the new ones yet.

I am considering getting a new digital camera sometime in the next 3 months. My husband and I recently received our cell phone rebates (we got new phones at the end of June), which turned out to be Visa Promotion Cards. I was planning to put the rebate money in the bank, but obviously we have to spend it instead. It looked like we needed to replace our dryer, but thankfully we don't so the money will not be going to that now. And I'm thinking about using it for a digital camera, which my husband is okay with.

I currently have a Nikon Coolpix 3200 which I got almost 5 years ago. I love Nikon and have been pleased with this model, but we all know how quickly digital cameras go obsolete. It's frustrating *sigh*, but what can you do? I know there are much better models out there now for about what my original digital camera cost. I am most likely going to get another Coolpix, but am looking for advice on what model to get. Any tips anyone can give would be much appreciated! :)


  1. I look forward to reading what recommendations you get here, too, as I'm also looking to upgrade. I've got a Cannon G5 that's probably 5 years old, so was considering the Cannon DSLR..I think the Rebel is the "more affordable one?"

  2. I have gotten a recommendation for some of the newer Canon models on Facebook. My uncle and his wife have the G10 and 960IS. I'm pretty loyal to the Nikon, but my uncle is a very good photographer. I'm sure either of those models would be a good choice!

  3. those are really cute.

    I just started following your blog, i hope you can follow mine too.

    i just started following your blog I hope you can follow mine. :)

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  4. Oh gosh!! No advice about cameras (mine is a sony I think), but boy do I love the pinks and greens bracelet!! Very pretty!!!

  5. No prob! I've figured out which digital camera I'd like to get. I'll hopefully be getting it either tonight or tomorrow.

    Thank you! :)

  6. Those bracelets are so beautiful! Can't wait to hear what kind of camera you get cause I'm looking to get one in the near future too.

  7. Thank you! I ended up getting a Canon PowerShot SD1200. I've only had it a day haha, but so far so good! :)


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