Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Dropper feature and leaf feature number 5

I had one reply for the October Dropper feature, which was BeadedTail. Here is a lovely new item from her shop: Autumn Berries Orange Cats Eye Beads and Antique Brass Circles Earrings.

The offer still stands for anyone mentioned in my previous post who is an Etsy seller and would like an item from their shop featured here. Just leave me a comment! And now for the 5th leafy feature. :)

Green 'n Orange Nature Leather Journal by GILDBookbinders

green leafy necklace - hand cast, resin filled by bethtastic

ON SALE Real Birch Leaf 2in1 Necklace/24K Rose Gold by adri33

Royal Blue - Big Enamel Leaves Collection by decoratethediva

Handpainted Autumn Leaves Pendant by smaxwelldesigns

Fall ASL Hands ON SALE by MoonlightAura
Forest Collar by nemeton


  1. Thank you for featuring my earrings! All of your leaf finds are fabulous too!

  2. Hi,
    I am making a list of "jewellery-sites" for easy access from my blog, Annas Adornments. You are on it!
    I am doing this because there is no category for "Jewellery" . Some of us choose to be "Fashion", others "Art" and you have chosen "Hobbies as your category.
    Take a peek!
    Best wishes
    Christina Wigren (Anna)


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