Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a remake listing and a few other random things

Congratulations to the November EBW Challenge winner grakowsky with her Hibiscus Necklace! I am in awe of everyone who participated in this challenge because it was simply not something that my bead weaving skills are up to (at this point anyway). Absolutely gorgeous entries! Good luck to everyone who is also working on a piece for the December challenge right now. :)

Lisa (Alterity Art) is featuring the first in a series of Christmas giveaways on her blog right now. The first person featured is giving away a lovely set of handmade coasters. You can check out all of the details on her blog by clicking here.

I finally completed a sale today with a college friend that I started back in August. That is rather ridiculous I know, but at least it's finally squared away. One more sold item cleared out of my Etsy inventory!

I listed a remake today. I created the original version early in the summer and sold it before I could list it on Etsy. It's now back and listed here. This was a tougher design to create and bead than it looks like. The first one drove me a little crazy because it made me a little dizzy haha. The second time around went much smoother.


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