Sunday, November 8, 2009


I updated the listing for my purple shell beads bracelet today. It's now back in stock!

I also updated the listing for my double stranded raspberry right angle bracelet this week. I have two of these in stock now. The shorter one has gold cubes, and the longer one has silver-lined Tohos, which were what I used in the original version. They both have button clasps now.

I had conferences at school this past week, and then Jake and I spent most of the weekend with family so I've only finished one piece since last weekend. I have made progress on a few bigger projects/pieces, though. I also received some wonderful goodies in the mail that I'll be posting about soon. :)


  1. those are really cool! I think I like the purple shell bead bracelet the best :)

  2. Thank you! I've sold a couple of the purple shells design already. Hopefully this one will sell, too!

  3. That purple shell is really awesome, no wonder it's popular!

  4. The top bracelet is gorgeous! I've never seen those type of beads before. Fabulous!

  5. Thank you! They are readily available at Michaels haha.


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