Saturday, December 5, 2009

sneak peaks

I got some beautiful pictures of my champagne fringed cuff and coordinating triangle today (see the most recent sneak peak picture of it here). I'm grateful for small amounts of sunlight that I have at home this time of year. And yes, I did finally finish the cuff! I will list both items sometime this week. For now, here are a couple sneak peaks of new projects.

Here's a look at my red striped cuff.

And here's my mix of beads for my next blue embellished square stitch bracelet like this one.


  1. The red cuff is so pretty! Wish I could work with those itty bitty beads but they don't like me much!

  2. Thanks! A lot of people have told me that. :) I have good eyesight and a lot of patience, so it works for me now. That may not always be true!


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