Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival wedding post

I couldn't resist this Blog Carnival topic.  So you get a little break from my normally scheduled topics.  I got married almost 4 years ago, and I started this blog 2 years ago so I've never posted any wedding or honeymoon pictures here before.  I had fun going through my old pictures.  This is probably way more pictures than you wanted to see, but I hope that you enjoy it.  We don't have digital copies of our professional pictures so all of the wedding pictures here are from the disposable cameras at the reception or from other people's digital cameras.  I've also included a few pictures from our honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii.

One of Jake's aunts and one of my uncles took pictures at the rehearsal.  Here are the ring bearer and flower girl.

And a shot of the church.

In case any of you didn't already know/believe that I'm a dork, this really was our cake topper.

I love creating black and white or sepia versions of pictures.  Here are a few that I did from the disposable cameras.

And the honeymoon.

Hawaii is seriously one of the most beautiful, magical places in the world.  I've been twice and would definitely go back again.

Hawaii is one of the two places in the world (the other place is Disney World) that you can get DoleWhips.  We probably ate 6 of them while we were there.

I normally take pictures of a lot of random things on trips and don't get a lot of people shots, but here are the two of us at the Polynesian Cultural Center.


  1. You made such a beautiful bride :)
    And it looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. You were a very lovely bride! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    Now I want to go back to Hawaii again! We went to Maui on our 5th and 15th anniversary and I think it's time to go again!

  3. Thanks Sharla!

    That's awesome. :) I haven't been to Maui. I think that it would be neat to visit one of the islands or areas of Hawaii that we haven't explored yet.

  4. What wonderful wedding pictures...you are darling! I bet it was fun for you to relive them!

  5. Thanks Patti! Yeah, I did. :) Every time I've scrolled down my blog today I've been tempted to take time to look at the pictures again haha.

  6. It looks like everyone had fun--and oh my goodness you look so young!

    I was able to go to Hawaii and stay with relatives one summer; I would love to go back with my husband and kids--it is so beautiful.

  7. what great pics!!! I love looking at wedding pics - everyone looks like they were having a great time - looks like it was an awesome honeymoon too :)

  8. Thanks so much Erika and Theresa! I was 23 then. It was definitely a wonderful day and amazing honeymoon.

    I hope that you get back to Hawaii someday, Erika. :)

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing those pictures again. :) I definitely did!

  10. Thank you for sharing those!! I love to look at wedding photos and it's fun to see what you look like, too!! And the honeymoon...lucky you!

  11. Good grief - I always thought you were much older - You are a baby! Lovely wedding pics...

  12. fun to see something that's special to you through other people's eyes! And Hawaii - that's Soooo Nice! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! {:-D

  13. Your wedding looks like lots of fun! I also enjoyed reading through the comments. I wonder where in Hawaii you went. I have been to Oahu (2 days only), Maui, and Kauai.

  14. Thanks Margaret! We were in Oahu for our honeymoon. I went to the big island and Kauai with my family when I was little.

  15. Oh I love the wedding & honeymoon pics! The setting for the last picture is just gorgeous! I also love the cake topper - so unique and cute! (I'm a dork too lol)

    Thanks for sharing you looked beautiful! <3

    For Love of Cupcakes


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