Saturday, September 18, 2010

new goodies

I finally broke down and started selling on Ebay tonight.  I am not a huge fan of Ebay, largely because I got hacked through it a few years ago, but hopefully it will be worthwhile.  My username there is randomcreative if anyone would like to look me up.  I'll post the link at some point when I have more items listed.  I was planning to post here earlier tonight, but I got wrapped up in the Ebay thing instead.

Here I am now, though.  As promised, I've been working on rock garden and leafy designs this weekend.  There are some of the new leaf beads that I'm including in my new pieces.

I also got the daggers that I ordered from The Beadin' Path this week.  They don't have a huge selection of items, but they have a nice collection of daggers.  Ever since I completed my blue dagger design, I've been thinking about lots of other possible dagger designs.

I can't believe how nicely the purple shade shows here.  Aren't these gorgeous beads?


  1. Let us know how eBay works out. I always think about selling there, but never have.

    Love the dagger beads!

  2. Thanks Patti!

    Will do, Edi. :) I already have one buyer interested in something so that's encouraging.

  3. Yeah, they are. The colors seem really intense.

  4. Thanks Grace! They look even better in person. :)

  5. very cool! love the leaves...well, the daggers too :)

    good luck with eBay :)

  6. The daggers look great! Are you selling supplies or jewelry on ebay? wishing you success there...

  7. Thanks Margaret! At this point, I'm selling books (trying for whole sets instead of the individual listings I do on Amazon) and random things that we don't need anymore (like never been used oil filters for a car we don't have anymore). I've thought about listing my PDF patterns and some made to order or simpler jewelry pieces there.


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