Thursday, February 21, 2013

little late to the game

I titled this post little late to the game because if I'd had my act together, I could have had these new pieces up and promoted for Valentine's Day. I didn't. Honestly that thought didn't even cross my mind until I was looking through the BBA challenges recently and realized that I'd missed the boat. The good thing about these pieces is that they're versatile enough to carry you through many other holidays and occasions as well.

I sold the original version with this all red color palette nearly a year ago, but it's back now.


Whenever I create a new button charm bracelet, I try to make a pair of matching dangle earrings. I'm determined to keep this earring style in stock in 2013 and am introducing lots of new versions of it.

Both of these new pieces are in the shop. I've created a lot of single color palette button charm bracelets in the past few years and would like to branch out a little more in 2013. Any inspired ideas for color combinations with red? And yes, I've already done turquoise and red.

Keeping with my recent Polyvore kick, I created a couple outfits that I think work well with these new pieces.

Rose Classic Work

Rose Every Day

I'm using this post for the February BBA Challenge: Red.

Have you created anything in red lately?

If you enjoy this type of artistic challenge, blog regularly, and are looking for a new team on Etsy, consider joining the BBA team. We'd love to have you!

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  1. Why, yes! I made my red project yesterday!

    I like the shade of red you picked. It's so vibrant!

  2. Eek! I still need to write about working in red!

    I love the tiny little square button shown on the bracelet and the striped shirt is very cute!

  3. Yes, I have created a red cup cozy which I will be showing for the BBA challenge on next Monday's scheduled post! Love the red bracelets! The good thing about red is it works for Valentines day, 4th of July and Christmas!

  4. Ooh, love the vibrant red buttons you used for your pieces here!
    Very pretty! I like red all year round!

  5. The red is great for any time of year! And I love that you're making matching earrings for each new bracelet.

  6. Don't worry about the Valentine boat: you've got the Memorial Day and Mother's Day and the Independence Days where this color scheme will work. :D They're gorgeous!

  7. great red jewelry - they go with almost anything. I like red and black together! {:-D

  8. Very nice reds and it's an all year kind of color.

  9. Love your new pieces! I always tend to forget about making things in red but I need to start adding more. Maybe this weekend I'll come up with something.

  10. Very fun! Red is such a great accent color!

  11. Red is such a vibrant color, and your bracelet is beautiful! Love the matching earrings!

  12. A little late ... or really early for next year! Radly red jewelry.

    ♥ aquariann
    Handmade Trove: Wire Ear Cuff

  13. ALways love your button bracelets! You're right - doesn't matter what time of year these would be fabulous. Great with blue jeans!

  14. They're lovely! I love your work in a monochromatic color scheme too- it really pops!


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