Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready for another cell phone photo round up with me and the cats today?
Let's go!

My life is so great sometimes. Clearly their lives are pretty great, too.

Ares made his feelings about an empty food bowl very clear.

Perpetually jealous of the things that Angel has that they don't even want.

Playing with ISO to grab a shot before bedtime.

Both kittens frequently show their front teeth when they sleep with their heads upside down. We like to refer to them as their vampire teeth.

Just getting comfortable.

My brother stayed over a few weeks ago, and in case you couldn't already tell, it completely renewed the kittens' interest in our spare bed.

Helping us get ready for a weekend in Chicago.

Ever present computer helper.

A tough day of work for Apollo.

We had a couple visits to the vet this month, which proved highly entertaining. In case you weren't sure which cats don't mind going to the vet.

Retail therapy is also highly entertaining. Who needs clothes when you have a good bag?

The newest favorite non-cat toy: a pop-up laundry basket. Good for hours of fun.

Ares wants to be buddies with Angel so much. It's awesome that she lets at least one kitten get this close to her just about every day.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. I love the pose in that first kitty! And I love how they cuddle so much :)
    Glad Angel is getting used to them and allows them near :)

  2. Ah...major smiles to start the day...I know nothing about photography or crafting or on-line marketing but I do know kitties... Yay, kitties...

  3. Ares and Apollo are just too much fun! I am glad Angel is buddies with at least one of them.

  4. They are so unbelievably cute!!
    first kitty pose is so funny.
    good to see Angel.

  5. Do they cuddle when they sleep all the time? So cute!

    1. No, but they do fairly often! Thanks!

  6. Those two boys know how to enjoy life! They are so cute and obviously very helpful around the house too! :) So glad that Angel is letting Ares come close!

  7. Your cats are adorable. They sure have a wonderful life!!!

  8. Does he sit on your shoulder at the computer because that's what it totally looks like! I once had an orange tabby I tried to train to ride on my shoulder...she was less than enthusiastic.

  9. My kitties have furry out of joint noses right now. DD's Greyhounds are visiting so they must stay in a safe place. Regardless of the number of toys, amount of food and water, neat window to sit in, etc., etc., etc... it is still Kitty Jail to them. Very cute photos! Ages and ages ago, I had a kitty with teeth that showed - your cuties remind me of him.


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