Tuesday, November 12, 2013

in the works / life lately

I'm a little tired of hearing endless raving about fall everywhere I turn. I didn't think that it was possible to say so much about fall colors, sweater wearing, and soup and pumpkin everything eating. Seasonal allergies, short days, and cold weather zap every last bit of reserve energy that I have from mid-September until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Give me summer any day of the week. With that being said, I do still enjoy comfort foods and warm drinks this time of year even if I don't feel the need to talk about them all the time.

I've been working on holiday / show inventory a lot lately. Surprise, right?

I got it in my head that I needed something new for the remaining 2013 shows. I found a little tree at Target for $8 and made a set of music button ornaments for it.

Pretty much all of my creative time and energy lately has gone toward the wedding jewelry and stocking holiday show inventory, but I have found bits of time for other endeavors.

I led a craft night for a group of girls in my Bible study and taught everyone how to make paper pumpkins.

This winter I'm sure that I'm going to find a lot more time for these type of experiments, but lately when I've had a little down time and haven't gotten out to take pictures, I've been playing around with low light photography and my (new!) 50mm at home.

Jake and I took a working trip to Chicago at the end of October / very beginning of November. He was there for classes, and I was working remotely, but we were able to get out in the city a little with family and friends.

My writing load has (finally) lightened a little bit since we got back to Milwaukee, which was great timing because it has given me time to focus on shows and take care of a few projects around the house that I've meant to work on for you know, a few months or so.

Of course I had a kitty helper for that particular project.

Remember how I was just talking about this pose?

What have you been up to / working on lately?


  1. Those ornaments are super cute!
    I do love fall, but I hate short days and can't imagine how that must be for you so far north. I probably wouldn't be excited in your place, either!

  2. That sandwich looks awfully good!

  3. Mmmmm....that sandwich looks delish!
    And I love how you captured the smoke with the candles...great shot! As is the city at night!
    I'm really missing the longer days of summer!

  4. That sandwich looks delicious. Also love the city shots!

  5. Funny, I just mentioned on my blog today that I am so not a winter person ;-)
    I love all the bokeh shots here and the candle photos! Amazing!

  6. See, I'm the opposite. Give me fall over summer ANY TIME. I don't like to sweat, humidity makes my hair look like the pelt of a wild animal, and I look coltish in shorts. Bah! I'm so grateful for my boots and blazers. And normal hair, haha.

  7. I love the fall colors because what follows for me is gray skies (and tax season) so I really hate to see them go. Love the crossed paws!

  8. glad you're able to do work remotely. So many neat uses for your rounds. Hope you're able to sell your framed photos. {:-D

  9. Let me second what Edi said about that sandwich. (And now I'm hungry!) I have to admit that as much as I enjoy a sunny day, summer is not my favorite season. It's fall, even when it gets colder, the days are shorter and the skies darken because of rain prospects. I would enjoy the season more if I got to spend it outdoors, though. Too much to do indoors--and it sounds like life has been the same for you lately, too. I'm glad your writing load has lightened up for a bit.


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