Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's Up For November

Somehow another month is here already. This has been one of the fastest falls in my entire life.

Happy November! What's going on this month?

  • I'm still doing a lot of writing. My first bullet for October was "I'm doing a lot of writing." That was the understatement of 2013. October was by far my most writing intensive month and also highest earning month since I quit teaching more than 2 years ago. I'm not planning to break either goal this month or any time soon really, but it was extremely empowering. With that being said, I am still doing a lot of writing this month, primarily for clients. I'm hoping to find a better balance between client writing, passive income writing, and blog writing again in late 2013 / early 2014.
  • I'm keeping holiday inventory and Etsy inventory stocked for the holidays. I didn't get as much small show inventory (magnets, etc.) done in October as I'd hoped, but I did surprisingly well during the summer and fall months with everything else. I've been in good shape thus far and am finding little bits of time to keep ahead. If you've been thinking about ordering something for the holidays, especially something custom, it isn't too early!
  • I'm trying to squeeze in a little time for fun photography. This is a complete change of pace from the spring and summer when the highlight of each week was a fun photography outing or two. It's been really hard to fit that in with everything else that's been going on lately. I know that this crazy schedule isn't going to last forever, and I'm still going through a huge backlog of photos from late summer and fall, so I'm okay with it. I still haven't put together a cold weather photography "to do" list either, but that is going to happen at some point.
  • I'm standing up in my brother's wedding. I finished the wedding jewelry and co-hosted the Chicago shower so until the big wedding week, my wedding duties are pretty minimal. I know that it will be here and over before we know it, and I'm going to do my best to enjoy every minute.
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Finally, THANK YOU to everyone who stops by here regularly, reads what I have to say week after week, and leaves me comments either on the blog or elsewhere! For the first time since I started this blog, I've been struggling to make the blog rounds and comment regularly, but I'm hoping to get back into this routine soon. Until then, bear with me.

What are you up to this November?


  1. You certainly have been busy! Congrats on your writing accomplishments lately! Hope you enjoy some down time during the holidays!

  2. That's great about such a successful writing month. I hope this month calms down a little for you so you can get out and take some more pics before it gets too cold.
    I bet you're getting super excited for your brother's wedding!

  3. I'm glad you're leaving time for your photography! Good luck in your holiday sales and writing!

  4. I'm glad to see you have some fun planned with all your busy-ness. Your upcoming brother's wedding must be so exciting!

  5. I need to take your lead with the blog sponsor thing. I'm still clueless on that front. haha
    But, you amaze me with everything you accomplish. I can't believe all the writing you do AND you have time to do all the Etsy stuff. You're amazing! :)

  6. Gorgeous photo! Wow, you seem busier than ever, which is great of course :)
    I'm hoping for some dry weather to get any decent shots!

  7. I totally understand struggling to make the regular blog rounds! I'm right there with you. Have fun with your November projects, and good luck finding that fun photography time!

  8. I've been dropping the ball with regular blog reading, too. I think it's just the time of year. Everybody seems busy already and it's only the beginning of November! I'm trying to plan ahead for several things so I don't completely fall off the wagon.

  9. I can join the chorus -- I'm also struggling to keep up with blogging with so many other pressing projects pending. Congrats on your writing success, and enjoy a little respite at your brother's wedding.

  10. You do have a busy November. I don't know how you fit everything you do in your daily life. I hope you do find some time for photography because I love seeing your photos.


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