Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Feature: mixed metal jewelry

Apparently this is a good week to do a mixed metal feature because the last time I did one was this exact same week last year. Totally unplanned. I'm doing an all jewelry feature this time around. Enjoy.

Also, on the subject of mixed metal, if you're interested in making a piece for yourself, I put together a mixed metal bracelet tutorial a couple years ago.

Do you ever wear mixed metal jewelry pieces?


  1. I am not a fan of mixed metal but I must say those hammered disc earrings - well, I covet them! Really nice. Really.

  2. Wow! A great collection of mixed metal pieces. This jewelry style is so much fun because I think it speaks to our casual side, which in today's world, seems like the vast majority of the time. Years ago (for me) gold was the mainstay and I would have never thought to mix it with other metals...I'm sure glad my style has changed to incorporate the creative works of mixed metal artisans!

    1. And a big THANK YOU for including my earrings - you made my day!!!

  3. I don't usually mix metals, but I quite like the look of those hammered earrings...but then I love round shapes :)

  4. I love mixed metal jewelry, great collection you have featured. Thank you for including my earrings!

  5. Those copper flowers are beautiful! Thank you for including my necklace.

  6. Nice collection! I love mixed metal and there are so many wonderful choices, so I am honored to be part of your collection. Thanks for including my necklace.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. I do wear mixed metal pieces, especially in brooches. Yes, I know they're old-fashioned, but they're me! :-) I especially liked the hammered earrings, even though I don't have pierced ears.


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