Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday is Caturday

Did you miss Caturday the past month?
 It's back, and I'll have a full post up next weekend as well. Enjoy.

Recently as part of a cleaning binge, I recycled all of the boxes that I've saved over the past year or so for the kitties because the situation had gotten kind of out of control. I saved these two pieces of Styrofoam, though. It's clear that getting rid of them was not an option.

The story of my life lately.

In one form or another.


Part of the box purge had to do with the fact that I recently bought the kitties some new cubes.

"Are they ready yet?"

An instant hit. We got our money's worth out of the first 24 hours that we owned them.

Way too trusting.

Interrupting beading. A common past time around here.

Our neighbor who has the orange kitty that looks just like my boys recently took in another stray. It seems like this white kitty used to be someone's pet, and for whatever reason, he/she let her go. Don't even get me started on that subject. She spends a lot of time looking out this window.

Watching one of Toby's image critique videos with me.

I know that this picture is a little blurry, but look at that reflection. Too cute.

Watching TV.

Living the good life.

Getting some cleaning done the right way apparently.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. All adorable! You look wonderful. Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings, Catherine

  2. What an eventful caturday! Love the new toy and the fact that you were able to photograph them both in the cubes at the same time. Love their new friend, white kitty. I'm glad your neighbor has taken him in. She has a kind heart. As for the subject of how it got there, I know exactly what you mean about the subject. The third picture from the bottom is cracking me up. They are both sleeping so funny. Never a dull moment especially when you have two young ones around.

  3. I'm so glad that white kitty had someone to take her in - how sad that she was abandoned.

  4. I missed you caturday posts! thank you for returning with a such FUN-tastic updates! my favorite is with a reflection in window! Happy weekend Rose!

  5. I LOVE the way your guys hang around together.... best pals!

  6. The boys are so cute!! Love the shot with the reflection in the window!

  7. Cute fun pics!

    Found you via etsy blogging buddies :)

  8. What fun! Love the cubes - may have to think about these for Forrest and Pal! Glad the pretty white kitty has a better home! Thanks for another great Caturday!

  9. They are so adorable! They were cute helping with the cubes! Glad the white kitty now has the home she deserves! Don't get me started on that topic either! Ugh!


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