Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Color Combination Inspiration, Round 1

I hope that you're able to find something here that sparks a new idea of some sort for your creative endeavors. As always, I've done my best to mix up the subjects that I feature. You can pull color combinations from any source for literally any type of creative project. Click on the photos to visit the original sources. Enjoy!

Gray / Yellow from Grace
Gray / Orange from Grace
Blue / Gold from Paige
I got a lot of positive feedback on salmon / teal in the last round so I'm bringing it back for another round.

Let's Keep It Going!
What color combinations are you loving right now? Have you experimented with any new color combinations recently?


  1. I'm dying over that yellow and gray dresser. That would be SO fun to make.

    My next batch of Room Kits are going to be all neutrals, so let's do neutrals here next time since I have them on the brain!

  2. Are there pretty bright things in green and grey? Or green and orange - but they would have to be just the right shades.

    If I had to paint my house today then the walls would be my favorite banana cream and I've decided that all the trim would be painted, you guessed, shiny enamel, grey - a silvery grey. I am so boring when it comes to colors

  3. The last photo is stunning!

    baby sky blue, leaf green, and cloud white--because that's what I'm seeing outside my window right now.

  4. I agree that the last photo is beautiful!

    We hadn't really ever meant to decide on "wedding colors," but it turns out they're a Bahama blue and bright purple. It just sort of happened along the way, but we're pleased.

  5. I like the gray and orange! I have no gray in my house at all but I always like what you find! As for colors, how about royal blue and moss green?

  6. Love the gray and yellow and that sign you found to feature it!
    I love using kraft (brown) and white together for wedding stuff...seeing this a lot lately.

  7. I love the grey and yellow combo best - especially with that rustic feel to it.


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