Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pinterest picks

I don't share my Pinterest picks very often these days, but sometimes I get inspired to post about a few of my recent favorites here. Apparently I've spent a lot of time looking at food and photography lately. Surprise, right? Enjoy.

 As part of my ongoing breakfast food kick, I really enjoy breakfast sandwiches. Usually I keep it simple with bacon and scrambled eggs, but this bacon and egg grilled cheese takes the concept to a new level.

And on a similar note, omelet scones. Just in case two already awesome foods couldn't get any more awesome.

I found this pasta vegetable recipe through one of Paige's Pinterest picks posts earlier this month. Does it get much better than pasta and fresh vegetables in a single pot?

Any time I see a sandwich or burger on a menu that comes on pretzel bread / a pretzel bun, I pretty much have to order it because pretzel breads are the best. Putting that concept with cinnamon rolls...there really are no words.

Because sepia photography is so underrated.

If you haven't watched this little video series by Alisa Burke yet, please set aside an hour this week and watch all of it. I really need to re-watch sections of it about every week.

It seems like there about a zillion amazing totally creative ideas for photos out there, most of which I've never made but really want to make. This initial art just made the list.

In case reading about food and making food isn't weird enough, you can read about photographing food. I don't even photograph a lot of food, and I find this sort of topic really fascinating.

What have you been pinning lately?
Feel free to share links in the comments!


  1. I loved reading the Pinch of Yum pour shot post when I came across it the other day! She takes such beautiful pictures. This morning is feeling a little slow - I'm going to head over and check out that Art of Chasing a Dream. =)

  2. You totally lost me at the grilled cheese. I'm sure the rest of the posts were great, but all I saw was that amazing grilled cheese breakfast sandwich the whole :)
    Great finds!

  3. I agree--sepia photographs are underrated! that one is just beautiful!

  4. I love breakfast food anytime and often make sandwiches too! I'll have to try that one! Thanks for posting all these pins!

  5. Those omelet scones look pretty awesome. And I love sepia photos!


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