Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

It's become a tradition to visit the local VA grounds during Memorial Day weekend. As many of you know, I live close to the grounds and visit them regularly, but I'm still left speechless when I'm there over Memorial Day weekend.

How are you celebrating Memorial Day this year?


  1. I love to see your beautiful pictures here!!! ... we had a golf tournament with family on Monday and end up with a community celebration in the club pool! I disconnected myself from social media and just read the book in evening! it is happen very rare this days for me... so I was happy to take a day off!

  2. Fabulous pictures. I drove by a local veterans' cemetery yesterday and it was very busy. There were lots of flags, of course, but people here also leave lots and lots of tropical flowers and leis. For some reason, this year I found pictures people posted for Memorial Day particularly emotional - probably some combination of a couple Marines stationed here dying earlier this month and my husband being on deployment! I "celebrated" with a special CrossFit workout that people do across the country on Memorial Day...and I'm feeling it this morning!

  3. I was wondering at the lack of people/cars. Did you go at a convenient time to miss the crowds, or were there none? Sad if there weren't any people there.


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