Friday, May 8, 2015

summer memories

Thing #1,428 that I don't want to admit to anyone: I'm still editing pictures from summer 2014. Remember how one of my unofficial goals this year was to edit as many 2014 pictures as possible by spring 2015? Here we are in the first week of May and I'm still going through 2014 pictures. However, I've made a lot of progress AND am doing well with the second part of the goal, which is to stay ahead on 2015 editing.

Anyway, going through summer pictures makes me so excited about summer. I know that fall is the trendy season right now, but seriously nothing makes me happier than spring and summer. Today I'm sharing a little batch of black and white edits from one of my favorite nights of summer 2014. Enjoy.

What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. I love the cruiser bike!

    I don't know if/when, exactly, it will happen or even precisely where it would be, but I'm really hoping to visit my husband while he's on deployment. That possibility is what I'm looking forward to most about this summer! Because it's such an iffy prospect, I'm trying not to get too excited in case things don't work out, but I am definitely looking forward to the possibility.

  2. Am planning to attend the 150th Anniversary of my school - founded by Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria in 1965 after the Crimean War, the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army, merged with the Bath High School in 1990 and is now known as the Royal Bath High School. Celebrations going on all year, but I'm hoping to be at the Founders Service on July 9th in Bath Abbey. Was there for their 100th: so just have to be there for the 150th because am darn certain, I won't make it for the 200th!

  3. Oooh, lovely pictures! I love the one of the bike and basket! Beautiful!

    This summer I'm mostly looking forward to festivals and hula hooping in the sunshine haha! They're my favourite thing about summer!


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