Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pinterest picks

Welcome to another edition of Pinterest picks! Here are just a few of the things that I've been enjoying on Pinterest lately.
 Because this guy reminds me of my Apollo. Also, kitty paws (!!) and little orange kitties make my day better.
I finally started a Turquoise and Red inspiration board. I'm not even into anything vintage or camper related, but this camper is too adorable.
The whole kraft wrapping paper thing is way out of control. So many fabulous ideas.
I'm sort of afraid to make this sandwich because I might not eat anything else ever again.
 Lately for a change of pace I've been browsing sketchbook pages for creative inspiration.
Super adorable little petals. It doesn't hurt that they involve buttons and pink and green.
More ridiculous food photography pinning from a non-food blogger.

Finally, this past month I've been making over my entire Pinterest account. Such an improvement, right? I've been cleaning up long abandoned boards, consolidating and renaming lots of smaller boards, deleting pins that are no longer of interest, and generally making things more organized. Hopefully it'll make the content that is still there more accessible.

What have you been pinning lately? Feel free to share links in the comments!


  1. I'm really into all of these camper renovations that have been popping up in blog land. It's such a cool way to push your style without going crazy in your (or in my case, a client's) house.

  2. The kitty photo is so cute :) And that grilled cheese looks amazing!!

  3. I started cleaning up my boards a couple months ago (I still have a little work to do, but hey) and it's been an enjoyable and beneficial process.

    I love that kitty photo! I had an orange tabby growing up named Gingivere. Those sketchbook pages are also pretty neat. I've been looking at them a lot lately, too, but I wish I was able to create my own! I just can't seem to make anything that looks even half so good.

  4. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration! Love those little flower petals with the buttons.

  5. I'm super into vintage campers lately so I love that one you've shared! day...

  6. Although I love the camper photo, the kitty one is my fave; also love those paper petals!!

  7. Absolutely amazing cat! I pinned it to my board))


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