Friday, June 5, 2015

window shopping with Food52

Does anyone else follow Food52 on Instagram? If you don't, please get over there and follow them right now. They have a great account filled with all things food and food photography related. Among other things, Food52 also has a shop. Over the months, I keep adding more Food52 items to my wish list. I'm sharing just a few of them here today.
Purple Ball jars may or may not have been the original inspiration for this post. Seriously. They also have Ball jars in green and a set of Vintage French canning jars. Obviously I need a set for my kitchen glass flower display.

The only thing cuter than hidden message aluminum pie plates is MINI hidden message aluminum pie plates. Please share your favorite mini pie recipes so that I have a great excuse to buy a set.

So my DIY wedding topper would look like stick people, but this is an amazing idea for anyone who does have some serious painting skills.

I'm crazy about Christmas lights so these pleated string lights are right up my alley.

I've always been a salty over sweet person. Since I largely gave up chocolate a few years ago, I go for salty snacks more than ever. Food52 sells all-natural spiced nuts in six flavors: Chinese 5 spice cashews, coconut curry peanuts, sriracha peanuts, smoky whiskey almonds, spiced cocoa pecans, and coffee stout cashews. Obviously the gift pack is the way to go because how are you supposed to pick just one?

Jake and I are suckers for good mugs. How sweet is this little Danish mug?

Reusable cleaning cloths are a must have home item. Obviously the colors appealed to me here, too, but this is a great set. You'd never have to buy cleaning cloths again.

What have you been window shopping for lately?


  1. Love those purple jars! And the nuts sound like a tasty and healthy treat!

  2. Looks great Rose, Love the colors. xo Catherine

  3. I didn't follow them, but I'm about to! Very cool finds.

  4. Those purple jars are totally awesome :) Off to check them out!

  5. I don't follow them yet, but now I'm going to! Along these same lines, NutritionStripped has a good mostly food feed. You'd probably also like BeautifulBooze.

  6. What fun finds! Love those colorful cleaning cloths.


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