Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Live at Peck music series

I was out of town last week and forgot to schedule any posts in advance except for Caturday. Many apologies. Also, I know that my blog has been really heavy on the photo posts this summer. The short of it is that it really is an accurate reflection of what's going on with my creativity. I hope to mix things up here more at some point, but I'm not going to force what isn't happening.

Among many other concerts this summer, I've been attending the Live at Peck Friday lunchtime music series. (Jake and I also made it to their screening of Back to the Future, which needless to say, was a lot of fun.) There is nothing better than outdoor live music in the summer, especially when it's free and really close to my house.


Have you been taking in any concerts this summer, outside or otherwise?


  1. That's great this is so close to your home...and FREE! I love live music! We got to see Tesla, Styx and Def Leppard last weekend and we'll be seeing AC/DC next month!!

  2. I used to attend a lot of free concerts, but there aren't as many around where I currently live. And I have to add I am super jealous of Edi seeing AC/DC soon!

  3. You can't beat some open air music. I don't get as involved in it as I should but I used to enjoy playing with local bands in local parks and other venues.

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