Monday, August 3, 2015

the Grant Park beach in the summer

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that one of my favorite places in Milwaukee is Grant Park. It looks great in every season, and summer is no exception. On this particular trip, I was planning to stick to the trails in the forest, but they're under construction (repaving work) this summer so I ended up on the beach. Not too much of a sacrifice.

Have you been frequenting any favorite places in your area this summer?


  1. I love that walkway into the water, beautiful! This summer I've been exploring Florida's various springs and swimming in the neighborhood pool (a high school pool open to the public) as often as possible :)

  2. No, haven't been out much this summer. It has been extremely hot here, at least for the PNW. I am done with hot, after growing up in a hot clime. Wish I were right there on the shore in that last picture!!!

  3. I guess I haven't really frequented anywhere normal this summer. Tonight will be my second night at home since June 18!

    I love all the driftwood in your photos. I actually don't see much driftwood in Hawaii since we're kind of in the middle of the ocean!

  4. Such lovely photos. I have been indoors mostly working on my stores so a peek outdoors is very welcome :)


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