Saturday, March 7, 2009

new listing and an exchange offer

I listed a new piece today:

I have a couple other finished pieces that I'll be listing over the next few days, including a new blue button charm bracelet. I finished my Awesome Chicks of Etsy Spring Challenge piece as well. I fully intended to list it my shop when I started it, but I'm seriously thinking about keeping it now. I have an idea for something similar that I can make and list in my shop the future. The deadline for the challenge is the first day of spring. I will post pictures of the item and more about the challenge then.

Would any fellow button jewelry makers/button crafters of any sort be interested in doing a button exchange? It would be very simple: We would each send each other a bag of buttons from our own stashes so that we got new buttons to work with for our creations. If anyone is interested, please leave me a comment here or convo me on Etsy!


  1. Like the bracelet! Your button exchange idea is great too, and I look forward to seeing the results here :)

    at Rings & Things

  2. Thanks! Only one person has accepted it so far. Hopefully there will be others!

  3. fantastic bracelet,what a pity,i am in China now,so i can't shop from esty.

  4. That's too bad! How long are you there for?


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