Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday was my 26th birthday. :) I went out for Japanese food for dinner and then saw I Love You Man with my husband. The movie was VERY funny. I highly recommend it. I got a check from my dad's mom in the mail yesterday, all of which will be going toward more beads, including the beads for the skinny cuff that I'm going to make for my cousin's wedding.

Here is the new square stitch bracelet that I completed with my newly reclaimed diamond beads. I just listed it this afternoon.

I completed a couple new pieces this week. I still need to photograph them. I am also planning to rework my A.C.E. spring challenge piece, as it is not holding together as nicely as I'd hoped. My students were picking up leaf beads yesterday haha. Now that I know that I am keeping it and not selling it as originally planned I can make it to fit me more snugly so hopefully the reworking will be more than worth it in the end.


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