Saturday, March 21, 2009

turquoise and red

Turquoise and red is quickly becoming one of my favorite color combinations. I'm not sure why I didn't put them together more before, since they are two of my favorite colors (which is saying something because there aren't many colors that I don't like). I enjoyed making the fringe on my chocolate temptation cuff so much that I wanted to make some more fringe, but on a smaller scale (for now at least haha). This bracelet is what I ended up making from that initial idea. This is another new design for me and I would like to make more of them in the future. I'm thinking about more turquoise for the base with turquoise, dark blue, and white fringe.

I finished remaking the clasps for both of the skinny square stitch bracelets. I made a new one as well. Hopefully I will get those photographed this weekend and then relisted/listed over the next week.


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