Thursday, July 22, 2010

back in stock, treasury features

I've completed a new button bracelet every day this week.  I'm planning to work on a few pairs of button earrings like these next.  I uploaded pictures for one of the bracelets today: black and white button charm bracelet. I've sold two versions of it.  Here's hoping that someone out there wants this third one!

I don't know why the background on these pictures tinted so heavily red.  At least the clarity is pretty good.  As it is with the majority of my button bracelets, I had fun mixing new and vintage buttons for this bracelet.

I'm planning to list new items over the next few days so stay tuned. :)

Two of my items were included in new treasuries today.  StrandsofPearl included my Christmas button charm bracelet in her BUTTONS treasury.
You can view this treasury by CLICKING HERE.

scarycute included my tri-green button charm bracelet in her Christmas in July SALES!!! treasury.
You can view this treasury live by CLICKING HERE.


  1. I really liked the colors of red..that can work for many different times of the year....lovely... please stop by.

  2. Daylight fluorescent light has a pink cast. What setting did you have for your camera's white balance? Black and white are the hardest colors to photograph. Maybe less light? Good Luck. I usually get a pink background on green bracelets!

  3. Thanks Virtue! I agree. :) I will check out your blog.

    I leave the setting on automatic, Karen. I know that there is tons of advice out there about adjusting the settings on your camera, but I haven't found anything yet that works better than automatic. I could play around with it for my black and white pieces. The music background has become my signature look on Etsy so I don't want to change that. I'll keep experimenting, though. This is the third time I've photographed that design, and those pictures are still the best of the bunch.

  4. Love your b/w bracelets. Black and white combinations always look so stylish!

  5. "Randomcreative" has been included in a special edition Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new customers here.

  6. You've been so busy this week...congrats on all you've accomplished!
    And congrats on the treasuries too :)

  7. Thanks Duni! I agree. :) It's such a classic combination!

    Thanks for letting me know about the feature, AstheCrackerCrumbles.

    Thanks so much Edi! :)


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