Saturday, July 31, 2010

final cat away from home picture, the dunes, progress

Boba climbed into the TV cabinet last night.  Of course I took a picture of him.

I met up with a good college friend today.  We visited our undergrad campus in the morning and went to the dunes for the afternoon.   I took tons of pictures of the campus when I was there last summer so I didn't take any more today.  I did take pictures at the dunes, though.

Also, as promised, when I got back tonight, I took a picture of the earrings that I've been working on this week.

Last couple hours of the Christmas in July sale are going on right now!  You can view all of my sale items here.  If I stay motivated tonight, I'll change everything over for my August sale before I head to bed tonight.


  1. The color of the earrings is lovely. In 1965, the Dunes was THE destination for the day after Prom; everyone came back sunburn! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the Dunes and spend time with a friend.

  2. Thanks! Very nice. :) I always enjoy spending time there.

  3. Boba is such a cutie! The dunes around here are sand dunes - what kind of dunes are those?

    Those earrings are so pretty! Will have to look at your August sale!

  4. the shoreline is so nice, even though it's probably hard on the feetsies! Would love to go rock hunting! Earrings look great!

  5. Sharla, yes, they are sand dunes. :)

    Deb, the rocks were a little hard on our feet. It was worth it, though!

  6. Boba is so cute!
    The dunes look wonderful. I like the photo of the lone sailboat. And your earrings match the color of the sea.

  7. Thanks Margaret! I wasn't even thinking about the beach when I started making those earrings, but they do match the water very nicely. :)


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