Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Droppers feature, new listing

Sharla (BeadedTail) was one of my Top Droppers again in June.  Here is one of her newest items that you should check out!  This color is great.  I never get tired of red.

Any other Etsy sellers who were in my Top 10 for June are also welcome to pick items from their shops for me to feature here.  Please let me a comment!

I listed my Autumn Explosion peyote cuff tonight.  I have been working on this design in my head for the better part of a year and am so happy with the result.  The term "explosion" did cross my mind with this piece, and then Edi suggested it when I asked for ideas for a name so I'm going with it.  Thanks Edi!

The lamp worked ruffled discs are from Jennifer (blueseraphim).  I am so happy with all of the pieces that I've made with this set of caramel beads from Jen.  I have a set of periwinkle and black beads from her that will have a design...soon.  It's getting there.  The ceramic button clasp on the cuff is from Lisa Peters (lisapetersart).  I know that Lisa doesn't have a lot in her shop right now, but as I'm sure many of you already know, her work is amazing.

I have a pair of matching earrings that I'll be listing soon. :)


  1. that red color is very bright. like it alot.

  2. Thank you for the feature! Your new cuff is stunning!

  3. Great pieces by you and Sharla both :)

    How about the name Autumn Explosion?

  4. You're welcome Sharla! Thank you!

    Thanks Edi! The "explosion" idea had crossed my mind. I may go with that since others are seeing that, too.

  5. Love that red in Sharla's earrings, nice design. Your bracelet is stunning and I love how you incorporated all those handmade beads and clasp in with your own work.

  6. wonderful cuff! and such a great name! How cool that you used supplies handmade by others!


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