Monday, July 12, 2010

new listing, goodies from the weekend, custom order

As promised, I listed a new pair of earrings tonight: fall striped peyote triangle earrings.

These are my largest peyote triangle earrings thus far.  They're designed to coordinate with my Autumn Explosion peyote cuff.  I used the same color delicas for the base of the cuff and for the earrings.  The smaller size has done really well so far, but I may make a few more in this larger size as well.  Let me know what you think!

Also, as promised here are my new goodies from this weekend.
I put all of the loose buttons into the little ziplocks that had held one or two buttons from a particular garment.

There were a number of buttons, mostly neutral shades, on cards as well.
I can use a few of the smaller buttons on cards for earring studs.  A lot of the new neutral buttons will be great for a neutral button charm bracelet.  As you can see in the corner of the last shot, I also got some bells and large gold shank buttons.  One of my friends has an idea for a crazy button/general charm bracelet for one of her grandmas for Christmas that the buttons and shanks will be perfect for.  I am going to remake my original Christmas button charm bracelet while the Christmas in July sale is still going on, but I wasn't planning to include any bells in it (unless there's interest...).
I cannot resist buying Czech leaf beads when they are in bulk like this because they are SO much cheaper than when they're priced individually.  Briolette had tons of green leaves this weekend.  I already had a decent stash at home and wondered why I thought I needed just a few more.  It turns out that it's good that I did, though, because I got a custom order for the leafy series - Indian Summer as a necklace when I got back to Iowa.  Needless to say, I will need a lot of them!  I will post progress/final result pictures of how that goes.  This will definitely be a new endeavor for me.


  1. I love the earrings! Such beautiful colors.

  2. Those earrings are fabulous! I can't tell the difference in size between the smaller ones, which is what I think I have, and the new larger one.

  3. Pretty triangle earrings! It's almost like Christmas seeing all your goodies! Glad you got the leaves at bulk prices because I paid $.25 a piece for the ones I bought at my local bead store.

  4. you look like you're going to be really busy! Can't have enough buttons!

  5. Thanks Sharla! The difference is less than 1/2".

    Thanks Karen! That's about the price that I've usually seen for individual leaves as well. Not worth it!

    You're right, Deb, you can never have too many buttons! I have enough beads to keep me busy for QUITE a while. :)


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