Monday, September 12, 2011

new toys and goodies

My EtsyBlogger friends know that my mom brought me a sewing machine over Labor Day weekend.  One of her friends was moving across the country and wasn't taking it with him.  She got it for him for free and gave it to me, as she already has one.  I didn't have a particular purpose for that desk at this point so the sewing machine is perfect there.  Of course I had to take a picture of it.
Some of you may be wondering around my sewing skills, as I haven't posted a lot of sewing projects of my own here.  I do know basic sewing machine skills, but it's been years since I've practiced them.  I honestly don't even know what I'd like to make with it at this point, but how I could I say no to a free machine?  I'm open to suggestions for projects.

The guy very nicely included a lot of his sewing supplies and extra buttons.

While my mom was here, we went to El Rey.  I'd driven past it a handful of times but hadn't wandered in yet.  We got a few things for our taco dinner that night, and I got a few very inexpensive staples.  Each item here was only $3.50.  Yep, that is enough cinnamon to keep me set for at least the next 5 years.  I need to start making my own cinnamon rolls or something.  I'm looking forward to the sticks for cider and cocoa this winter.

Also on the subject of new goodies, this past week, I took advantage of the Labor Day Sale at Michael's.  Among other things, I got some new bead strands, which were almost 40% off.
I'm always hunting for new leaves so the green ones were a nice find.  I got the amethyst chips on the right for future rock garden bracelets.  The two middle strands were a random inspiration.  As I was thinking about the rock gardens and looking at the neutral rounds, I thought, why not a winter rock garden?  As I've been hunting for an anniversary ring lately, I've been drawn to this ring in one of my new favorite shops.  So the quartz chips fit in with that, too.  As you know, I've always got a lot of different projects going on, but that will be perfect for later this fall so I will do my best to fit it in then.

And yes, those beads are lying on a new piece of felt!  I bought three new felt squares while I was there for my light box.  I've mentioned wanting to experiment with a colored square and several people have urged me to try a lighter gray and/or white background.  So here they are.  I'll have more on that later this week so stay tuned.


  1. Hi Random, I don't know your real name, but that is okay. Your new machine looks great! If there is anything I can ever help you with in the world of sewing, please let me know, I have been retired for a year and half now, but I was a professional seamstress for 18 years with my own business. I have been sewing since, well, it seems like forever. My sister and i started out making clothes for our Barbies when we were very young as our mom was a professional seamstress.
    Always look forward to your new blog posts and seeing what you are up to.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. So nice that you got not only the sewing machine, but the sewing supplies too! Love the green leaf beads and your new header!

  3. What a great new toy! You can't beat free :)
    I have a sewing machine, but don't use it very often...LOL! I can't wait to see what you make with it. I like all the different stitch options.
    Your white felt looks great with those beads!

  4. Well of course you should use your new sewing machine to make a kitty bed for Angel! Just sayin.

    Angel & Isabella

  5. Oh cool rose! My mom got me a sewing machine like 5 years ago (she sews like a pro) but it is still in the box and I have never used it! I have sown straight lines on a machine before, but for some reason I'm afraid of this machine. LOL. You should have some kine of beady sewy bead/sew along so we can all learn together. LOL, I can't be the only one afraid of my machine!

  6. always fun to experiment with photography! Have fun with that! I also went to Michael's yesterday. Mom gave me a 50% off coupon, so I bought a "book" of Mixed Media paper. Still, I haven't tested out my sewing machine... the one you have looks in real good shape. A garland would be nice, for decorating a wall - then pin notes to it! {:-D

  7. I totally admire those who can create with a sewing machine!

    Me? If it looses a button, it sits in a pile furever. When I finally give into the repairs, I almost have a new wardrobe!

    Ideas: I love the upcycled kitchen towels and aprons, totes are awesome. Old wool sweaters, washed in hot water and dried can be remade into great purses too!

  8. Thanks for all of the encouragement and ideas!

    Edi, I love all of the different stitch options, too. I've used similar Singer models in the past and that was always something that I enjoyed about them.

    Sharla (and Angel and Isabella), Angel's pretty happy with the bed that she has now, but I'm sure that she wouldn't mind having a second one.

    Mandy, it would be great to have a sewing get together! As it is, I'll post whatever I do end up making with my machine...maybe someone will be able to learn something from me.

    Deb, the mixed media paper sounds neat.

    Re, I'm pretty good about doing quick fix repairs, but I haven't done a machine repair on my own before.


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