Monday, September 19, 2011

the search continues

Some of you may remember that a while back, I posted about how I've been searching for a five year anniversary right for myself.  I've actually been searching for a couple years now.  Our five year is in December.  I'd kind of put the search on hold for the last six months, but I picked it up again this month.

I've had my eye on a ring from Kay's for a long time that would coordinate well with my wedding ring.  More recently I've decided that I would much rather have something custom from Etsy.  It's very hard to find in stock rings in my ring finger size so I would most likely be ordering custom anyway.  I would rather do that through Etsy.

During one of my last searches, I stumbled upon this awesome shop: onegarnetgirl.  I still cannot believe how many awesome designs she has.  I'm not a big ring wearer, but I love so many of the rings in her shop.

I have to share more than just one item from her shop, but I'll start with what I have in mind for my anniversary.  Click on any of the photos in this post to check out the listings.

I would get it in yellow gold to coordinate with my wedding ring, which would look very similar to the yellow gold one in this listing.  Jake really prefers yellow gold over other metals (which is why our rings are yellow gold...I like most metals) so I was surprised that he actually didn't have a preference when I showed this to him a couple weeks ago.  I think I would still want to do that, though.

I'm keeping my mind open and will do a little more browsing in the next month, but I'm 95% sure that this is what I want.  It's a very classic design with real gemstones.  The blue aquamarine (which does match my birth month) will make it a little unusual.

Madelynn's shop is so awesome that I had to share a few other items here, too.

For some reason, I'm really drawn to this ring.  She has a number of listings with this setting with different stones, but I keep going back to this one.

She has a number of amazing stacking sets as well like this one.  Usually I prefer multiple stones to single stones, but her single stone settings are so beautiful.

Obviously I like the three stone setting so I had to share one more of these as well.

Our anniversary is December 29, but I don't want to wait until the Christmas rush sets in to order something custom.  So I'll most likely make my final decision next month or early November.  Until then, I'm still open to suggestions.


  1. Her work is stunning! I love the stacking rings! Can't wait to see which one you choose!

  2. I think it's soo tough to choose. I have been mentioning to the hubs I deserve an upgrade myself. :)

  3. Is the five year mark a tradition to get a ring in your family, or are you starting something? You are not kidding, her work is great. Have fun!

  4. Beautiful! I like that first one as well. My birthstone is also aquamarine so I approve :)

  5. Her work is beautiful! For our 5th anniversary I got the traditional channel set anniversary band and have been wondering if I should get something to wear next to it but don't want it to look like another wedding band. Now you got me thinking I need one of those 3 stone rings! Anyway, can't wait to see which one you choose!

  6. Beautiful! Having a custom ring will be so nice.

  7. I love her rings! The stacked ones are very striking, but the three garnets (they are the red ones, right?) would make any head turn!! Have fun looking - hope you get one that fits well! {:-D

  8. What a lovely idea! Good luck searching, and hopefully you have found the "it" ring in this shop. It is gorgeous and I"m sure you will enjoy it for years to come!

  9. Beautiful shop - I really like this men's ring:

  10. Wow, thank you for the feedback everyone!

    Re, the five year thing isn't a tradition. It's just something that I got into my head a couple years ago, and Jake was okay with it.

    Sharla, I have a channel set ring for my wedding ring so I think that a three stone will look great with it obviously. :) You should go for it!

    I'll keep everyone updated...


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