Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Feature: winter turquoise and red

For my turquoise and red feature this month, I'm focusing on winter items. Enjoy!

Turquoise Baby Booties Benetton Red Winter Snow Baby Shoes Newborn White Warm by Hopphopp

felted wool ball choker, turquoise and red winter jewelry fashion by frankideas

child hat turquoise blue grey red polar fleece winter boy girl by GuuGuuGa

winter sweetheart turquoise and vanilla white felt poppy hair charms - set of 2 bobby pins by muchloveilly

Wedding Card Handmade or Handcrafted Bridal Shower Card by BayMoonDesign

Hand Knit Woven Chapeau by ArzuMusaKnitting

Brilliant Berries : winter holiday painting. 12" x 36" canvas. by JenHughesDesigns


  1. Still one of my favourite colour combinations! Love your choices. The baby hat is very cute and I love that card too!

  2. This color combination is just so cheery and fun! Love those hats! Great finds Rose!

  3. Beautiful stuff here! Happy Friday. :)

  4. Um, how adorable are those baby booties? I'm weirdly excited about them.

  5. oh I LOVE this color combo .. and those baby booties are just the sweetest!!

  6. These two colors look great together and those baby booties are too cute.

  7. I love this color combination. Thank you for including my wedding card in your blog!

  8. Great finds! The baby booties and hat are adorable!

  9. Great finds for this week. Love that cute hat. =0)

  10. A great color combination and those booties are adorable. I want a pair in my

  11. beautiful combination
    thanks for including the felt ball necklace!

  12. Two colors I would never think to put together, but what a great combination they make. I love the sweet bobby pin and that card is lovely.
    Everyday Inspired


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